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Monday, 26 June 2017

legal word of the day: I REST MY CASE, YOUR HONOUR.

legal word of the day: I REST MY CASE, (YOUR HONOUR).
ENG:   My argument is proven.
I conclude my statement.
used in a court of law by a lawyer to express that they have finished explaining their case

POL:   Nie mam nic więcej do dodania (Wysoki Sądzie).
zakończyć przedstawianie sprawy

(1) All the evidence points toward the defendant's guilt. I rest my case.

the DEFENDANT – oskarżony (the party charged with a crime in a criminal prosecution)

(2) The prosecutors in Bill Cosby's criminal trial rested their case at the end of the day on Friday, and on Monday the comedian's defense will begin.

a PROSECUTOR – oskarżyciel, prokurator (a person who conducts the case against a defendant in a criminal court.)
DEFENSE (US)/ DEFENCE (UK) – obrona (the activity of proving that the defendant is not guilty of a crime)

(3) Many times, after the prosecution rests its case, the defense will make a motion to dismiss the case because the evidence presented did not prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Rarely does the judge grant this motion, but it does happen.

to MAKE A MOTION – wnosić o (to make an application to a court for a rule or order)
to DISMISS A CASE –  umorzyć postępowanie (to throw the case out of court)
BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT– ponad racjonalną wątpliwość (a reasonable person believes that the defendant is guilty)
to GRANT A MOTION – uwzględnić wniosek (a situation when the Court agrees to the request)

(4) “I rest my case, Your Honor!” I finished. The judge excused Lorrie from the stand. I watched her walk past her grandparents and aunt, who were seated in the court pews, and take a seat with my ex-wife's family on the opposite side of us as they welcomed her.

YOUR HONOR/ YOUR HONOUR – Wysoki Sądzie (the way to address a judge)
to EXCUSE someone from the stand – zezwolić na opuszczenie miejsca dla świadka (to let someone leave the witness stand/ box)
A COURT PEW – ławka na sali sądowej (a place to sit in a courtroom)

(5) “The defence rests its case your honour.”
“This court will recess for twenty minutes while I make my deliberations.”
The bailiff spoke up,
All rise.”

THE COURT WILL RECESS – sąd zarządza przerwę (the judge informs about a break)
a DELIBERATION – narada (the act of considering (thinking about), discussing, and, hopefully, reaching a conclusion
a BAILIFF (US) – strażnik (an official in a court of law who keeps order, looks after prisoners, etc.)
ALL RISE. – proszę powstać (how the bailiff asks everyone present in the courtroom (except for the judge) to stand up)

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