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Friday, 14 July 2017

legal word of the day: A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS

legal word of the day: A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS
ENG: a law that sets the maximum period of time within which a legal action may be brought
POL: termin przedawnienia

When a statute of limitations has expired:
ü  a claim may no longer be filed or
ü  the defense of statute of limitations may be raised by the defendant or
ü  the court loses jurisdiction over the matter.

(a STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS) EXPIRES – termin przedawnienia upływa (ends)

to RAISE A DEFENSE (DEFENCE UK) – podnieść zarzut (to formally inform the court of a circumstance that can make the proceedings invalid)

a COURT LOSES JURISDICTION – tu: droga sądowa zostaje zamknięta/ dosł.: sąd przestaje być właściwy w sprawie  (a court cannot decide a case)

A statute of limitations:
ü  benefits the defendant;
ü  gives the defendant an opportunity to defend the lawsuit while witnesses are available and while the facts are fresh in the minds of the witnesses.

(1) A statute of limitations is a privilege that is granted to a defendant. If the defendant fails to properly raise the defense of the statute of limitations, it will be considered to be waived.

to WAIVE – zrzec się (to give up, to resign, to not demand something that is your right)

(2) In some cases, however, the statute of limitations begins to run when the plaintiff could reasonably have discovered her injury, not when the injury actually occurred.

(a STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS) RUNS – termin przedawnienia biegnie (continues)

(3) If the statute of limitations has expired and the lawsuit has been filed in an untimely manner, it is up to you to alert the court to this fact.

a STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS EXPIRES – termin przedawnienia upływa (ends)

to FILE A CLAIM – złożyć pozew (to formally submit paperwork to court in order to sue someone)

IN AN UNTIMELY MANNER – po terminie (after it is allowed by law)

(4) When a statute of limitations expires in a criminal case, the courts no longer have jurisdiction.

(5) The statute of limitations on the plaintiff's claim was three years.

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