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Monday, 29 August 2016

legal word of the day: JURY DUTY/ JURY SERVICE

legal word of the day: JURY DUTY, JURY SERVICE

ENG: having to show up at the court and to act as a juror in a court proceeding

POL: obowiązek stawienia się w sądzie i wykonywania funkcji członka ławy przysięgłych w postępowaniu sądowym

(1) A woman has claimed her mother is currently doing jury service with pop star Taylor Swift in Nashville.

(2) You must do jury service when you’re asked. When you’re sent a jury summons, you must complete and return it within 7 days.

(3) Taylor Swift Had to Show Up to Jury Duty in Nashville Because She’s Not Above the Law

(4) By serving jury duty, you are participating in the administration of justice, and fulfilling one of the most basic principles in a democratic society.

(5) Q: Do I have to perform jury service if I'm over 70 years of age?
 A: There is no age exemption for jury service

A SUMMONS – wezwanie do stawienia się w sądzie (an official demand to appear in (show up at) a court of law)
ABOVE THE LAW – ponad prawem (in a position where one can avoid being bound by the laws that govern ordinary people)
THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE – wymiar sprawiedliwości (the personnel, activity and structure of the justice system)
an EXEMPTION – zwolnienie od obowiązku (the right not to perform an obligation that others have)

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